Institute of Applied Powder Metallurgy and Ceramics at RWTH Aachen e. V.

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the IAPK.

The IAPK is an institute affiliated with RWTH Aachen, a leading technical university in Germany. We have been carrying out R&D, providing expert consulting and offering many other services in all matters relating to powder metallurgy and technical ceramics since 1987. Today, we continue to operate at the interface between scientific research and practical application. One of our key goals is to establish even stronger connections between science and industry.


IWM-IAPK-Kolloquium 2022

The Institute for Materials Applications in Mechanical Engineering (IWM) at RWTH Aachen University and the Institute for Applied Powder Metallurgy and Ceramics at RWTH Aachen e.V.. (IAPK) invite you to next year's colloquium of the institute network under the title "Design and construction with hard materials". On 20th September 2022, ten interesting lectures on current research topics from science and industry await you in Aachen. The spectrum will range from classic structural ceramics to ceramic composites, hard metals and tool steels.

In a comprehensive overview lecture, Professor R. Danzer will introduce design with ceramics, taking strength and fracture statistics into account, before practical examples of dental ceramics and ceramic valves follow. Special features in the production and design of composites will be addressed in lectures on ceramic-metal brazing composites by Alumina Systems. Factors influencing the deformation & fatigue behaviour of WC-Co carbides as well as their strength in the additively manufactured material variant will be discussed by Dr. Klünsner and Ms. S. Fries. Mr. L. Scholl will report on the design of high-strength tools made of tool steel under multi-axial cyclic loading. Finally, anyone who would like to can take advantage of a tour of the institute at the IAPK/IWM for a joint exchange.

Further information please refer to the program booklet (in German).

You can obtain information and register by e-mail or by telephone (+49 241 80-95534).


11th Tooling 2019

Our areas of expertise.

From powder to components: at the IAPK, we focus on the entire process chain.

Our range of research, development and services encompasses all fields relating to powder metallurgical and ceramic material development and component manufacturing. This includes design and simulation, powder processing and shaping, consolidation via sintering processes, thermal processing and component testing.

Our team places special emphasis on the complex joining techniques of ceramic structural components with metallic and other ceramic components. With the help of computer aided numerical simulations, we also generate lifetime predictions relating to specific operating conditions, such as cyclic loading and elevated temperature loading.

»Whether for the purpose of performing research or providing services, we have permanent access to the state-of-the-art technical equipment of our institute alliance.«

Our Association of Sponsors.

The IAPK is a non-profit organisation that receives support from an Association of Sponsors known as the Förderverein. This association is composed of individuals and companies active in the sector, and its goal is to facilitate and promote the scientific work carried out at the institute. It also functions as a strong and competent network of members, all of whom benefit directly from rapid access to our research findings and active involvement in shaping our research work.