Institute of Applied Powder Metallurgy and Ceramics at RWTH Aachen e. V.


A passion for knowledge:
our research work.

We are a capable and reliable partner for research activities in the field of metallic and ceramic materials produced by powder-metallurgical means.

Our work covers the entire process chain associated with materials development and component manufacturing. This includes alloy development, design and calculation, powder processing, shaping, green machining, sintering, heat treatments and complex component testing under realistic and/or extreme operating conditions. Among many other things, we also address complicated issues relating to joining technology – that is, the interplay of ceramic materials with metallic components and other ceramic structures.

Our other areas of research expertise include the numerical simulation of process chains, lifetime predictions under specific operating conditions as well as experimental strength and durability testing.

Take an active role in research

When companies and individuals become members of our Association of Sponsors (Förderverein), they are automatically invited to play an active role in shaping our research. This makes it possible for members to encourage specific research tracks, participate in current activities and even create their own projects.

All there in black and white:
our publications.

Rapid knowledge transfer and a vibrant exchange of ideas among experts and colleagues are very important to us. Below you’ll find an overview of our current scientific publications as well as access to our database of scientific literature.